ARA's four dedicated verticals offer tailored solutions to ensure that the hiring requirements of Clients are met quickly and successfully

Leadership Hiring

Board and CXO-level leadership positions are the primary focus of our CXO hiring process. To provide our clients with the top talent they require, we work to fully comprehend each client's strategic goals as well as the precise leadership roles and capabilities required to achieve them. These are often undertaken under retained model and a dedicated team works intensively to headhunt candidates from traditional and non-traditional sources till closure is achieved. Working closely with the Client is key to ensuring success.

Executive & Lateral

ARAs Executive and Lateral search team have the requisite expertise and experience to undertake recruitment assignments across multiple non-tech domains like finance, sales & marketing, HR, legal, and operations for middle and senior-level roles. The knowledge and connections of our Executive Recruitment Specialists help us find the right match for your roles. We rely on our extensive professional networks, in-depth sector knowledge, and external and internal resources. Our recruiters are trained to represent you to qualified individuals in a professional manner, ensuring a quality result. The entire process guarantees discretion, time-bound effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

Technology Hiring

As businesses strive to outperform their rivals by pushing the boundaries of innovation, technology is permeating all aspects of businesses across sectors there is a massive surge in demand for candidates with new and updated tech skills. This demand is not just from IT Services or Software product companies but seen from almost all sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, banking, finance, and logistics including hitherto low-tech sectors like agriculture. While the demand is rapidly growing there is a shortage of qualified candidates for many of these technologies.

The shortage of qualified manpower coupled with the confusing landscape of a large number of complex and often competing technologies makes hiring daunting for Organizations particularly non-tech companies.

ARAs is uniquely positioned to help Companies from both the tech sector and non-tech sectors hire high-caliber candidates with the right IT or technology skills. ARAs Technology Hiring team consists of members who have a deep understanding of both current and legacy technologies. They comprehend the requirements of different technologies and how they are nuanced for different sectors and roles enabling them to identify qualified individuals. Years of experience in hiring for technology domains helped ARA develop a large network of resources giving quick access to a significant pool of tech talent.

By choosing ARA as your Technical talent solution provider, you can be assured that you're hiring needs are met quickly and successfully.

Volume and Bulk Hiring

Using ARAs Volume and Bulk hiring services, businesses can quickly hire a large number of candidates for specific roles like Sales executives and analysts, operations leads, team leads, process associates, technical support engineers, etc. ARA team has the requisite training, expertise, and resources to undertake large-scale hiring to support rapid ramp-up by our Clients.

Volume hiring can be tricky and intimidating for both clients and recruiters. But at ARA, we screen suitable candidates using sophisticated algorithms that help us narrow down the selection criteria. By making this selection process efficient, we enable volume hiring at speed.

Our AI-assisted processes help us turn mass hiring into a routine operation to help schedule interviews, screen candidates, and communicate seamlessly.