Our Initiatives

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Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) Hiring

90% of Our Colleagues are Women.

In all countries and societies, a proper and well-oiled system of progress and evolution is achieved when each of us brings something unique and valuable to the table.

We at ARA fervently believe in an egalitarian workplace and in the notion that diversity fosters productivity and creativity. We understand that an inclusive workplace leads to increased performance.

With this belief, one of our primary initiatives as a recruitment services company is to identify effective strategies for achieving diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in society.

Recruitments at ARA are up to date with modern company rules and regulations regarding D&I hiring, and we actively promote the same to all our clients.

In addition to Gender Diversity ARAs comprehensive D&I program specifically focuses on racial and caste diversity, including recruits from the LGBTQ+ community, Veterans, and Persons with special needs. This gives all applicants fair involvement and equal opportunity and gives your business the innovative edge that D&I hirees invariably bring to the table.

We support creating workplaces with a diverse workforce that fosters mutual respect and trust, and we'll work with you to make that a reality.

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Part-Time Employment

Start-ups and SMEs (having typically less than 250 employees) account for a staggering 70% of employment worldwide. Often such Organisations struggle for good talent given constraints like project-based assignments, no full-time role, costs, etc. Such organizations can attract affordable quality resources by hiring part-time employees.

At the same time, there is abundant talent currently not engaged because of personal constraints. For example, Women, students, and other driven candidates from D&I categories make for excellent part-time employees that can devote the appropriate time required for your work at competitive rates.

At ARA, we fervently believe in the potential of this untapped workforce that can greatly benefit companies of all sizes. We facilitate our Clients with Part-time Hiring solutions.

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Flexi-Time Employment

Another way to tap into the abundant talent pool is to adopt Flexi-time Employment, where candidates can be engaged in non-standard shift timings as per the Company’s roles and demands. ARA has specific talent solutions to leverage candidate pools with Flexi Time requirements. ARA has identified several roles specifically suited for this approach. This has been facilitated by the current concepts of

  • Work from Home,

    where employees are not required to enter office spaces, and all the work, including communication and handling of tasks, can be done online.

  • Shift selection,

    where employees can work during flexible hours as is mutually convenient for both parties. This helps boosts a Company’s capacity & efficiency.