Industry Sector ARA Serves

Industry Sector ARA Serves

Team ARA’s passionate recruiters have built an enviable track record of working across varied industries and domains in a short period of time. It gives us the confidence that no hiring challenge is beyond us. Currently, some of the Industries we serve are:

Banking, Finance & Insurance

India is among the most developed financial markets in the developing world with still enormous room for growth. Commercial banks, insurance providers, NBFCs, pension, mutual funds, fin-tech companies, and other smaller financial organizations that make up the finance sector have huge and constant requirements for qualified talent.

The need to engage highly qualified experts with extensive experience and the necessary tools to address the enormous growth potential ahead of this industry has spawned new opportunities for the financial services sector in India.

At ARA, a dedicated team works with clients from the BFSI sector by combining expertise with efficiency, assisting them in addressing important talent concerns. Our extensive industry knowledge and vast database of curated resumes from the finance domain give you the edge you need.

IT Services, ITES & Technology Products

India's rapidly developing technology sector has brought about advancements in cloud computing, IoT, chip design, data analytics, and processing speeds. Thousands of businesses have seen a shift in their technological models as a result of which there is a robust demand for technology talent. Our knowledge of technology sectors, such as IT services, tech products, and ITES, enables us to analyze the constantly evolving demands for tech talent for critical IT roles.

A committed team at ARA with expertise in Technology Hiring has served Clients from various industries by recruiting for IT roles. ARA not only does IT hiring for Technology companies but also for companies in myriad sectors such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Analytics, Cement, etc.

E-Comm and SAAS Product Start-ups

With rapid digitalization of all services and payments pan-India, and the exchange of goods via E-commerce platforms, the E-Comm sector has seen a sharp rise in recent years. Many competitive players and young entrepreneurs are joining this sector, and there is an immediate need to hire the right talent.

This rapid expansion is accelerated by better mobile phone and Internet connectivity and increased living standards. Banking and payment services have been the most influential proponents of this fast-growing field.

At ARA, we have the resources, expertise, and experience working with product startups, SAAS companies, e-commerce, and service start-ups, to help you hire the finest talent across domains.

Media and Marketing

In a country like India, the Media and Marketing industry has always benefited from the country's unique demographics, which provides exciting opportunities and opens up an unfathomably large market. In a fast-evolving market characterized by the introduction of social media and swift digital transitions, the world has truly become a global village, and opportunities for Multi-media enterprises have increased exponentially.

In such a competitive atmosphere, companies must emphasize acquiring unique talent in order to stay ahead. Having worked with media companies across the spectrum like publishing, cable and broadcasting, music and film production, OTT, channels, digital marketing companies, mar-tech SAAS start-ups among others ARA is equipped to support your effort to acquire the right talent for your Organisation.


The fast pace of innovation and intense competition in the current economic climate has created a demand for high-quality talent and workforce in Manufacturing Industries, which we are uniquely positioned to fulfill.

As production becomes progressively automated in the future, the current workforce is experiencing a skill gap. We collaborate with companies that manufacture plastic goods, medical devices, auto and auto-ancillary, microelectronics, food, and others to provide innovative hiring solutions to attract the right talent to excel in the global manufacturing village.

We know the major forces affecting this sector, and our specialized recruiters have the expertise and connections to headhunt the right candidates for critical roles.

Consulting & Audit Firms

Consulting, Auditing, Accounting, Taxes, Business reprocessing, and Payroll outsourcing to Government and Private entities are an integral part of an organization to function optimally. The primary goal of ARA is to offer excellent talent that can meet the unique demands of each client.

With our expertise and decades of experience in finance and related fields, we are uniquely equipped to assist our Clients from to recruit talent and build teams for Consulting and Audits firms be it for transaction advisory, risk advisory, tax advisory, assurance teams at all levels like analysts, managers, directors, partners, practise heads.

Health Care

India's expenditure on healthcare and pharma services has been on the rise. Because it provides specialized services by reputable hospitals at highly reasonable prices, it has also become a popular destination for medical tourism worldwide.

To meet demands in urban and suburban areas, the private healthcare industry is expanding steadily. The sector's rapid rise has fueled the industry's demand for qualified healthcare specialists and technicians.

We at ARA can discover the best personnel to give our clients access to a vast pool of skilled healthcare professionals, thanks to our industry contacts and rigorous database of specialists.

Real Estate

Real Estate both residential and commercial is a major driver of any economy. India’s real estate sector is booming resulting in huge demand for skilled talent at middle to senior levels across domains. Real estate is also unique as it drives innovation in multiple other sectors and domains.

We at ARA work with Clients across the real estate spectrum and have a deep understanding of the talent requirements and access to talent network for the sector enabling us to fulfill Client requirements quickly for real estate professionals.