ARAs Key Differentiators

ARAs Domain Expertise

Our expertise across industry sectors and functional domains gives us a broad perspective and deep insights into the current recruitment scenario and gauging future talent trends.

Team ARA has extensive hiring experience across different sectors. Additionally, we have carefully nurtured and built deep domain expertise in teams and members.

This helps the team working on your recruitment mandates comprehend each role and its nuances better, Leading to the Right Hire for your company.

Interview Panel of Industry Experts

Our hiring process involves a rigorous, multi-layered screening that helps us find the right match for your company. Senior Level Hiring is supported by a Panel of Interviewers with industry expertise, which allows us to narrow down suitable candidates as per your mandates.

ARAs Curated Database

At ARA, we have an exhaustive and curated database of around 200000+ pre-screened Profiles across domains like finance, legal, marketing, sales, IT, technology, etc. This growing database of resumes is constantly updated and refined to keep it active and relevant. This makes it possible for quick and efficient steps to be taken throughout the recruitment process. With the help of this database at our fingertips, we can consistently achieve Faster Turnaround Times, thus ensuring that you get the talent you need whenever you need it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology @ ARA

Implementing our methods with the highest degree of efficiency possible has always been a fundamental axiom at ARA. Our use of advanced AI-Enabled Tools for Screening and Shortlisting leads to Higher Success Rates.

We can source talent at scale as per your company’s requirements using our AI software. The result is an efficient and scientific approach to hiring that mitigates bias, improves the quality of hires, and connects you with the top talent you require.